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Add Oil: Face Oils For Every Skin Type

Winter is descending upon the northern hemisphere, and with colder weather comes winter skin – dry, thirsty, dull. It’s time to break out the face oils.

Clean Beauty
Herbivore Facial Oil. Photo by Plant-Terra.

Fear not, these face oils won’t make your skin break out, and they won’t make you greasy like a latke. Unlike conventional moisturizers—which create a moisture-locking barrier made of waxes, water and oils–—pure oils sink right into your skin and you see and feel results immediately. Plus, you can give yourself a little face massage while you’re lathering it on which is a great circulation booster.

Many oils have the natural added benefits of super ingredients like omega fatty acids, antioxidants and polyphenols, and there’s a variety to choose every skin type.

Here are six great, cruelty free, vegan, synthetic and preservative-free face oils.



This heavenly, luxe, scented jasmine oil does wonders for dry and dull skin. Packed with Omega 3's and 6's, it contains camellia seed oil, orchid flower extract for moisture, and elasticity-boosting jasmine sambac oil which adds an irresistible scent. It is free of synthetic preservatives, or fragrance, and is also vegan and cruelty-free. Also works wonders on the ends of dry hair.



Votary has a range of oils for use in the day, at night and especially around your eyes. The night oil is packed with retinoids which is a great anti-ageing and skin (although best avoided if you don't do well with retinoids).  The eye oil which contains rose oil helps diminish fine lines and puffiness. But it's the Super Seed Oil which is the read star. Packed with super seed oils from cranberry, pomegranate, chia and rosehip, it is deeply nourishing and hydrating, and is designed  to treat dry, sensitive or hormonal skin and tackle redness, irritation and loss of elasticity and plumpness.



This oil, created as the name suggests by a vintner's daughter, has garnered a cult following for its formula packed over 22 active ingredients, like grapeseed oil, frankincense, turmeric root oil and Neroli, to help fight the signs of aging and create bright, even-toned, firm and radiant skin. It has a lovely light floral scent too.



Made in New Zealand, Trilogy's wild harvested, 100% Certified Organic Rosehip Oil rosehip oil is formulated with pure, cold-pressed rosehip seed oil with a minimum 80% essential fatty acid (omega 3 & 6). This nourishing pure seed oil helps to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles. It's a great all-rounder and is particularly good if you are prone to redness or have sensitive skin.



This calming and intensely hydrating elixir is formulated with powerful antioxidants to help prevent cell damage and reduces moisture loss, plus a bespoke blend of pure essential oils including rose, Myrrh and Vetiver to neutralize and calm inflammation. It also contains malachite which extracts impurities and pollutants, while superoxide dismutase boosts the skin's oxygen intake to aid cell renewal. Suitable for all skin types.



If you are sensitive to retinoids (I have learnt to use them sparingly) but you still want all the benefits of collagen boosting, elastin production and skin brightening, then BYBI Beauty's Bakuchiol Oil is for you. Unlike retinol, bakuchiol has no harsh effects on the skin, so you won't get that retinol skin dryness and flakiness. This gentler alternative is 1% Bakuchiol in Olive Squalane boosting facial oil, plant-derived, 100% natural and vegan.


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