Spotlight: Skinswear

A brand with ecological, social and human impact, SKINSWEAR sets out to revolutionise the way women buy lingerie.

A lingerie brand with ecological, social and human impact, French brand SKINSWEAR sets out to revolutionise the way lingerie is produced, and purchased.

The brand uses fabrics that are natural or 100% recycled—developed in collaboration with PYRATEX —to create a sustainable second skin for women. Eco-friendly mesh fabrics are made from recycled bottles, up-cycled fabric and wood pulp.

The lingerie and packaging is manufactured locally in France—all SKINSWEAR products are made in Provence where the brand collaborates with a reintegration network to provide work for women who need it. These women are also in charge of the shipment of the products for which the packaging is made from up-cycled fabrics.

Like traditional lingerie, you can shop your bra by size and colour, but SKINSWEAR is the first lingerie brand to add a new dimension to bra shopping. In a quest to individualise products that are much too standardised, you can choose your bra according to your breast shape.

In a first step towards tailor-made lingerie, SKINSWEAR developed a parametric algorithm that creates more ergonomic underwires—printed in 3D by oxygen and light which draw the shapes in liquid resin—to follow the lines of your body.

The lingerie designs also draw on biomimicry, deriving inspiration from nature to create more functional objects. The first collection found its inspiration in the movements of wet hair on the body, which define the lines of SKINSWEAR lingerie.

The brand’s sales model or pre-orders allows for on-demand and limited production, which avoids stocks of unsold items.

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