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Sun, Sand + Sustainable Swimwear

Fashion brands are getting greener and creating swimwear made of eco-friendly and recycled fibre. Here's our pick of 6 of the chicest, sustainable and ethical swimwear brands to get you beach ready this summer.

You have your hat ready, your clean sunscreen, and you want to rush out and get a new bikini. But did you know that most swimsuits are made of plastic? That’s right, conventional swimwear is made of virgin nylon and polyester.

Plastic-based textiles are derived from petroleum, requiring massive amounts of energy to produce and creating toxic waste in the process.  They also shed millions of microplastics every time we wash them, ending up in our oceans and the digestive systems of wildlife, and even in our drinking water.

As consumers become more conscious of the environmental impact of their buying habits, brands are meeting green demands by creating swimwear made of eco-friendly and recycled fibres. Rather than relying on virgin materials, sustainable swimwear is made from deadstock and other discarded materials, and ECONYL®, a nylon recycled from discarded fishing nets—dealing with the problem of marine pollution and using less petroleum-based virgin materials at the same time. Every 10,000 tons of ECONYL material made, spares 57,100 tonnes of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere and 70,000 barrels of crude oil from being used. 

Of course, although recycled nylon is helping to reduce the output of yet more virgin materials, responsible washing to limit shedding of micro plastics is still a must. Remember to wash in cold water and line dry and use a filter like Guppy Friend to prevent the dislodging of microplastics in the wash.

Take a look at these 6 eco-friendly, durable, high quality and sexy swimwear brands—perfect for anyone who wants to flaunt both their bikini bod and their values.



Matteau’s swimwear designs are chic and timeless. You're bound to find that perfect little bikini to wear at the beach or under one of their linen shirts (they make great ready-to-wear too). Swimwear is produced using recycled nylon, and where possible, everything is made in Australia. Matteau also incorporate dead stock into their designs, cotton and linen fabrics that meet the standard 100 Oeko-Tex certification, as well as no-frills recyclable packaging.



Mara Hoffman started her eponymous brand nearly 20 years ago and has since then transformed it to become more sustainable while still staying true to its bright and colourful roots. You'll find lots of fun, sexy prints and there's also information on the clothes' fabrics which include organic cotton, hemp, linen, and in the case of swimwear, recycled nylon and polyester made from fishing nets and industrial plastic waste.



Ethically made in Sydney this woman-owned and operated brand make minimalist and classic swimwear and beachwear from high quality ethically-made fabrics, with a focus on great fit and longevity. They employ sustainably produced natural fibres like linen, cotton, lyocell and rayon (made from tree pulp from tree farms). All fabrics used by Bondi Born are also OEKO-TEX Certified which means they do not release any harmful substances that can be hazardous to people's health such as pesticides, heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic amines or allergising colourants.  Packaging and swing tags are also plastic free and 100% recyclable or compostable.



Another Aussie-made and female-owned brand (Aussies really know a thing or two about beach life), Baythe is a contemporary swimwear and activewear label, with every piece made from recyclable ECONYL® or biodegradable fabric. Garments are made to be worn in the water, to studio-style workouts, as undergarments or as complementary wardrobe pieces. Production is kept at low-volume, and all pieces are handmade locally to ensure no oversupply. Items are packed in a biodegradable zip pouches recyclable packaging is used for tags and shipments.



Abysse is a small family business, women owned, locally produced in California, using recycled materials from the beginning to the end of our value chain (from packaging to production) and by supporting charities. Swimwear is made out of 100% recycled materials certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS), while their neoprene wetsuits are made of limestone-based premium Yamamoto Japanese Ecoprene. Furthermore, To reduce environmental impact of manufacture, a lot of the energy needed to produce their rubber comes from renewable energy sources such as hydroelectricity. And these are some sexy af wetsuits too.



Vegan fashion pioneer Stella McCartney makes sustainability sexy and fun with her latest collection of swimwear. Demonstrating a commitment to design and eco-conscious production, swimwear is made from Econyl® and Q-NOVA® regenerated nylons—made from ocean plastic and textile waste— making the AW20 swimwear collection the brand's most sustainable to date.  The range also includes organic cotton totes, coverups and eco logo tapes to get you beach ready.



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