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The Best Vegan Cook Books For Every Cuisine

Looking for some inspiration in the kitchen? Whether you're new to plant based eating or have been at it for a long time, these cookbooks have you covered for everything from casual tapas and healthy salads to fancy dinners.

Smith & Daughters Eat Vegan Crucifix
Image courtesy Smith & Daughters

Looking for some tasty inspiration in the kitchen? Whether you're new to plant-based eating, want to reduce your meat intake, make more environmentally friendly food choices, or have been a vegan for a long time (even the most seasoned vegan needs some new ideas), these 8 cookbooks have you covered for everything from casual tapas, healthy salads to fancy and more experimental dinners from all corners of the globe. And they're anything but boring.

  1. Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook (That Happens to be Vegan by Shannon Martinez & Mo Wyse; 2. The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen; 3. Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskovitz & Terry Hope Romero; 4. PlantLab by Matthew Kenney; 5. Protest Kitchen by Carol J. Adams & Virginia Messina; 6. The How Not To Die Cookbook by Michael Greger M.D. & Gene Stone.



by Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse

From the founders of Melbourne cult vegan eatery, Smith & Daughters, this cookbook brings together over 80 of the restaurant’s most popular dishes with a hint of Latin flair and a cool rock'n'roll style. From tofu scramble, and tapas like chorizo' and potato, Spanish 'meatballs' in a saffron almond sauce, chipotle cashew 'cheese', 'tuna' and green pea croquettes to warm Spanish doughnuts, this unconventional cookbook appeals to meat and vegan eaters alike, and will rock your preconceptions of vegan food.



by Tal Ronnen

Tal Ronnen, the founder and chef of popular vegan restaurant Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles has brought together a recipe book of beautifully photographed recipes that show you don’t have to sacrifice great taste for ethics. This New York Times bestseller features delish dishes that satisfy meat eaters and vegans alike with its vegan versions of tried-and-true dishes such as oysters Rockefeller, Caesar salad, corn chowder, and paella, as well as adventurous new cuisine like lemongrass consommé with pea shoot and mushroom dumplings, and peppercorn-encrusted portobello fillets.



by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero

The recipes in Veganomicon have been thoroughly kitchen-tested to ensure user-friendliness and amazing results. It includes more than 250 recipes to please every palate, including soy-free, gluten-free, and low-fat options, plus quick recipes that make dinner a snap, from potato latkes, grilled yuca tortillas, roasted eggplant and spinach muffuletta, almost all-American seitan pot pie, and pumpkin crumb cake with pecan streusel. Yum!



by Matthew Kenney

World-renowned vegan chef and pioneer in raw and vegan cuisine, Matthew Kenney, serves up a unique and visually stunning cookbook emphasizing the art of plant-based cuisine for serious foodies and chefs. Kenney’s life work has been his commitment to plant-based innovation as well as culinary nutrition, and in PLANTLAB he employs inventive techniques and creative thinking in dishes that are visual masterpieces as well as delectable meals. From root purees and soups to kale polenta and pizza, nut-based cheeses and artisanal chocolate, the 100+ recipes employ a modern, creative approach that builds on skills as you progress through the book.



by Carol J.Adams and Virginia Messina

Our food choices affection not only personal health and the environment, but are also tied to issues of justice, misogyny, and human rights and reflect our beliefs and ethics. Carol J. Adams, best known for her ground-breaking book The Sexual Politics of Meat, teamed up with dietician Virginia Messina to create Protest Kitchen an inspiring read and recipe book connecting veganism to important issues as sexual politics, human rights, animal protection, and climate change. In eight chapters filled with recipes and “daily actions” — like using a smartphone app when buying chocolate to avoid supporting African farmers who use child-labour to supply cacao beans to the food industry — Adams and Messina outline exactly why the vegan life is our best way forward, for the animals, for the planet, and for our health.



by Michael Greger M.D. & Gene Stone

From the author of the global bestseller How Not To Die, and founder of the popular website Nutrition Facts, comes The How Not To Die Cookbook, a collection of delicious— and easy to make— recipes based on the ground-breaking nutritional science of the original book.

Featuring over 100 easy-to-follow plant-based recipes, with plenty of recipes suitable for vegetarians and vegans, Greger takes his comprehensive, lifesaving science into the kitchen, showing us how to use the right food to help keep ourselves healthy, and prevent and avoid disease like heart disease, cancer and diabetes if we use food as medicine. How Not To Die Cookbook offers a sustainable and delicious guide to preparing and eating the foods to help you and your family eat your way to better health and a longer life.



Zaika: Vegan Recipes From India

by Romy Gill

Food columnist and television presenter Romy Gill has brought together in one fabulous cookbook vegan recipes from India, which she grew up eating before moving to England. Zaika: Vegan Recipes from India is packed full of healthy, meat and dairy-free Indian recipes eschewing the ghee, milk, paneer and yoghurt often found in Indian cuisine, but no less flavoursome, and full of health promoting spices that are the core of Ayurvedic medicine. Along with the usual Indian fare of spicy red dal, aubergine masala and chutneys there is also a section dedicated to breads like turmeric pancakes, rotis, naan and parathas. This is definitely going to move your vegan cooking game up a few notches.



by Rachel Ama

Vegan blogger Rachel Ama has put together an exciting recipe book of vegan cuisine with a Caribbean twist, inspired by her Caribbean and West African roots, like crispy jerk barbecue tacos, ackee “saltfish” with dumplings to peanut stew, and Caribbean fritters and plantain burgers. But there are also vegan takes on Thai green curry, chickpea sweet potato falafel and cinnamon French toast. Rachel's recipes are quick and often one-pot; ingredients lists are short and supermarket-friendly; dishes can be prepped-ahead and, most importantly, she has included a song with each recipe so that you have a banging playlist to go alongside every plate of delicious food. This is modern vegan cooking that is inspiring and fun!


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