Stylish Reusable Face Masks

Made from upcycled materials, deadstock fabrics, and natural fibres, these eco-friendly reusable face masks look good and do good. Fight Covid-19 in style, and care for our planet.

Image courtesy Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

Before 2020 face masks had a whole different meaning—a beauty staple that could moisturise, brighten or exfoliate. Today masks of an entirely different nature are the new normal, the most ubiquitous accessory on the street, and on our face. It’s widely acknowledged that wearing a face mask (and social distancing) can significantly reduce your chances of exposure to Covid-19 and reduce the spread of it, with masks mandatory in a number of cities around the world. And whether we like it or not, they’ll be sticking around for a while longer.

But single-use masks are also an environmental hazard. Billions are being disposed of around the world. They pile up in landfills, and they end up in oceans (where they can kill wildlife mistaking the masks for food) and on nature trails (seriously how hard is it to dispose of your mask thoughtfully?). With a lifespan of 450 years, these masks are an ecological time-bomb. It's clear that plastic isn't the solution, but another problem.

If you can’t handle all the pleating and sewing to make your own, fear not! Many designers and companies are creating durable and reusable masks that are stylish and safe. A mask takes up a lot of space on your face, so may as well make it a chic accessory as well as a necessity in fighting the global pandemic

Here are 6 brands that bring you cool reusable masks made from upcycled materials, deadstock fabrics, and natural fibres, and they also give back to social causes. And they all ship internationally.

Please note: These are not medical-grade masks. The latest guidelines from the World Health advises people over 60 or with underlying health conditions to wear medical grade masks (N95 Standard) “in settings where physical distancing cannot be achieved because of increased risk of infection and/or negative outcomes.”