Recipe: Portobello Mushroom Katsu Curry With Rice

One of the things hubs has missed the most since going fully vegan is Japanese food, especially comfort food like Katsu curry (sushi recipes coming later, I promise!). As a teen I would often order a vegetarian Katsu curry near my uni campus, but it often just meant a few soft slices of carrot, or sad over-steamed tofu, drenched in a curry sauce. Hardly inspiring stuff. I didn't get the big deal then. But hubs insisted we can do better than that. And better we did!

We solved the Katsu curry craving by substituting the meat with Portobello mushrooms. Mushrooms are a great substitute for meat in almost any dish. We use them regularly in vegan burgers (you really don't need expensive processed meat alternatives to make a vegan burger), as dumpling filling, soups, barbecues, stir fry. They're filling, a good source of protein and nutrients that are typically found in meat products— like iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D— and they're juicy. Portobello mushrooms in particular are a great size for slicing into chunky pieces and they maintain their shape and 'meaty' texture even if they're fried and breaded.

This recipe has a few parts to it— the rice, the curry and the mushrooms— but it's still fairly simple.

Start with boiling the Japanese rice first, then move your way onto the curry, followed by the crispy breaded mushrooms.

This is guaranteed to be a favourite with friends and family—carnivores and vegans alike!


Japanese Rice:

  • 125g sushi rice (1/2 cup)

  • 140ml water

  • 1/8 tsp salt