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Perfect Vegan Gifts

Birthdays? Thank yous? Christmukkah? We've got you covered with these vegan-friendly gift ideas.

Need a thank you, birthday or just an appreciation gift for the vegan in your life? These cruelty-free and vegan-friendly gifts should do the job. Wear it, eat it, read it, put it on your face! There's something for everyone.

Top left to right: VEGAN OUTFITTERS Vegan AF Hoodie; SANS BEAST Edgar's Mission Pouch ; HERETIC Plant-Based Candles ; VEGAN OUTFITTERS Hail Seitan Apron; VEGAN OUTFITTERS Be Kind To Every Kind Tote Bag ; TASCHEN Plant Magick ; STELLA MCCARTNEY Travel Essentials Set ; VEGAN OUTFITTERS Team Tofu Mug ; SMITH + DAUGHTERS Vegan With Bite Tee ; LA BOUCHE ROUGE Lipstick ; MAGIC OF I Vegan Leather Journal ; BOOJA BOOJA Vegan Chocolates


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