Interview: Ania Mroz-Pacula, FERRON

London-based designer Ania Mroz-Pacula is on a mission to redefine vegan luxury.

Launched in 2019 FERRON is the brainchild of UK-based designer Ania Mroz-Pacula. Noticing a gap in the vegan luxe accessories space, Ania set about creating cruelty-free alternative leather handbags that were affordable, and married simple and elegant design with luxury.

Ferron bags challenge the notion that vegan bags are inferior to leather bags. Launching with a classic box shaped bag in three colours with red faux leather interior, the FERRON bag is Louboutin’s luxurious vegan counterpart. They’re super versality and functional too. Dress it up, dress it down. Wear it on your shoulder, or carry it by its handle. It’s several bags in one which means you don’t need to switch bags from day to evening, and it comes equipped with lots of handy pockets for credit cards, phone and keys. But, the real beauty of these butter-soft bags is that they aren’t made from animal derived materials, and no living being had to suffer. Ferron bags are better for animals—and animal lovers—and the planet.

Ania’s mission is not only to provide an elegant, ethical handbag, an affordable luxury item but also to be a voice for the voiceless. She’s an animal rights activist and through FERRON she supports the work of SWT (Sheldrick Wildlife Trust) a non-profit conservation and preservation organisation which operates an elephant rescue and rehabilitation programme. Ania loves these gentle giants so much that they have become FERRON’s emblem, embossed on every bag tag. A percentage of profits from each FERRON bag sale is donated to SWT, so you can do good while also looking good.

Where are you based, and what were you doing before you founded FERRON?