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Homemade Almond Milk

Forgot to buy almond milk in the panic-buying craze and hysteria before self-quarantining? Fear not! You can make it yourself.

All you need is a handful of almonds and water. It’s oh-so-easy, it’s preservative free and only a few steps are required. Even better is that no plastic bottles and Tetra-pak containers are used, and of course no calves were harmed in the making of this milk. You can also substitute the almonds for cashews.  

You’ll never want to buy off-the-shelf nut milk again. Give a girl a carton of almond milk and she will drink for a day. Teach her to make almond milk, and she can drink for a lifetime!



• 1 cup raw almonds —soaked overnight in cold water (the longer they soak the creamier the milk). You can peel them if you can be bothered.

• 4 cups filtered water—more to thin, less to thicken.

• 1 pinch of sea salt

• 2 whole pitted dates, to sweeten

• 1 vanilla bean, scraped (or 1tsp vanilla extract)

• A pinch of cinnamon to taste.


1. Add soaked almonds, water, salt etc to a high speed blender and blend until creamy and smooth for about 2 minutes.

2. Strain using a nut milk bag (or cheese cloth, or thin, clean, tea towel) held over a bowl. Squeeze until all the liquid is extracted. You can save the pulp for cakes.

3. Pour your milk into a jug, and voila! You’re ready to drink your own almond milk.


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