Eco Modern Furniture Design

Design by Hugo França

As we become increasingly more mindful of our planet's health and the negative environmental impact of our consumption, a shift towards sustainable production has filtered down to everything from our food, fashion, beauty products and also design.

Contemporary furniture design in particular is experiencing a surge in green innovation with design pieces that are not only stylish and functional, but also responsibly designed. Numerous designers and brands are combining eco-conscious technologies and materials, from up-cycling ocean plastic and post consumer waste, to 3D printing and using renewable resources, and embracing a circular economy as well as supply chain transparency and local, ethical sourcing.

Here's a roundup of green and eco-conscious furniture design (and more) from 8 contemporary designers and brands to keep you inspired.

"The first principle of thinking green is that green products and designs create a net gain, not just for the planet, but also for every person on this planet and us as an industry. This is not some kind of trade-off between social responsibility and commercial success. Green means BOTH, but not everybody understands that yet."

Designer Peter Danko


Hugo França