Cool Sustainable Design + Innovation

As part of our sustainable design and innovation series, we scour the world and the web for the coolest products across fashion, textile, industrial and interior design that embrace an earth-friendly ethos, and solve the problem of plastic dependancy, waste and pollution. 

In this first of the series we bring you five game-changing innovations— from lab-created shoes to packaging made out of biomaterials— that will transform the way we wash, package food and dress.


This is Grown by Jen Keane

Sustainable fashion grown in a lab? Created by bio-designer Jen Keane in collaboration with synthetic biologist Marcus Walker, This is Grown is a project exploring the role of synthetic biology in the future of sustainable fabrication. Together the pair have grown the first sneaker upper, woven and dyed by a single genetically modified organism. It is 100% compostable and contains no synthetic materials or dyes. Keane employs a spider-free silk grown by bacteria with a genetically engineered self-dyeing bacteria created by Walker. The self-dyeing bacteria produces both cellulose and melanin—a natural pigment found in hair and skin—and squid ink 


Soapbottle by Jonna Breitenhuber