12 Great Books on Sustainability + the Environment

Curl up with a good book this lockdown holiday. Here are some of our favourite fiction and non-fiction books that explore environmental issues and sustainability, from fast fashion and circularity, to pandemics and food production.

2020 has put most of us through the wringer.

We kicked off with devastating wildfires in Australia and later more fires in California; rainstorms and hurricanes across the world led to deadly floods in many countries including Indonesia, Rwanda, Afghanistan and India; a swarm of locusts across Kenya and Uganda (linked to climate change by the UN) caused food shortages; and the deadly Coronavirus pandemic which has so far resulted in almost 2 million deaths globally, as well as lockdowns and social restrictions across much of the world.

It's been a s#*t show, really. But, it’s also been a year of much reflection and reassessment of our values, our lifestyle and what needs to change in society as we move forward.

The pandemic has brought to light a lot of things that need to be fixed, from economic disparity and access to healthcare, the food production system, the way we travel, our excessive consumption and waste, to the ongoing environmental destruction and the role we play in contributing to it.

Whether you're trying to ease your dependence on animal products, wanting to become an activist for climate change, or just want to be a more conscious consumer, these books will give you plenty of food for thought and inspiration for your New Year's resolutions.


This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate