Veganuary Reads

Ready to try out a plant-based or vegan diet? Here are some inspiring reads to help you go vegan, for Veganuary and beyond.

So, you've taken the challenge to go vegan this month and join Veganuary, but you're finding it hard to stick to it?

Changing your diet from a meat and dairy-based one to primarily plant based is something that we all have in our power to do, and one of the easiest things we can do for the environment, as well as for animal welfare and our health. But sometimes staying on track can be hard.

Here are five books to help you stay committed to eating vegan.


Animal Liberation by Peter Singer

This seminal work written by Australian philosopher Peter Singer in 1975, is still a quintessential text for all interested in animal rights and the ethics of animal agriculture. By exposing the realities of factory farming this book awakened millions of people to the existence of "speciesism"—our systematic disregard of nonhuman animals—inspiring a global movement advocating for animal rights. An important and persuasive appeal to conscience, fairness, decency, and justice, it is essential reading for all who want to understand the environmental, social and moral implications of animal exploitation.


Eating Animals