12 Must-Read Vegan Books

Giving up meat, seafood and animal products is the single most impactful (and simplest) thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, it makes more difference than giving up plastic, avoiding air travel and going car free.

We also know that a diet rich in plant based food is best at preventing numerous diseases. For many of us, if it's one thing we have in our power to change—for the sake of the planet and our health—it's our diet. But, kicking the meat habit can be tough.

Whether you’re trying to reduce your meat intake (and need a little encouragement), flexitarian, already vegan, or just curious, here are twelve inspiring and thought-provoking books that shed light on eating sustainably and healthily.


Farmageddon by Philip Lymbery

Farmageddon is a fascinating and terrifying investigative journey behind the closed doors of factory farming across the world —from the UK, Europe and the USA, to China, Argentina, Peru and Mexico. It is both a wake-up call to change our current food production and eating practices and an attempt to find a way to a better farming future.

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