10 Things to Do During Self-Isolation

Here are ten recommendations from music and the coolest podcasts, to books on the environment and sustainability that will leave you inspired and feeling like your self-isolation was time well spent.

Another week of self-isolation in Hong Kong. While many countries have been social distancing for several weeks now, Hong Kongers have been at it for over two months. Patience and nerves are fraying (if not already frayed). Your reflection in the mirror seems to have gotten larger than you remember it, and the discarded chip packets remind you why. Wine in the afternoon no longer seems like a novel or fun idea; you’ve exhausted Netflix like those bottles of Pinot lined up on your window sill; and your three-month regrowth is proof that you aren’t really a blonde after all—not that anyone will see it. And still there’s no end to self-isolation in sight. What to do?

I can’t help with your regrowth, but here are ten recommendations from music to self-care that will leave you inspired and feeling like your self-isolation was time well spent.



It's a good time to catch up on all that reading you've been meaning to do. Read that Tolstoy book that's been sitting on your shelf untouched since you bought it in university. Give Ulysses a second attempt (or third, or fourth), or tackle that stack of Pultizer-prize winning fiction you amassed over several years but still haven’t cracked open.

Looking for something to redirect your attention from the current pandemic crisis? No problem! Here are some books addressing that other urgent crisis that isn't going away anytime soon—not even with a vaccine—climate change! From fiction to non-fiction this pile of thought-provoking books explores sustainability, rewilding nature, the circular economy, the environmental impact of fashion, animal agriculture,  and deforestation. Finally, you can also find out what all the rage was over Sapiens.

Eco-conscious  selection of books